Adoption Attorney & Guardianship Attorney in Franklin, PA

Diane E. Hasek, Attorney at Law in Franklin, PA

The Law Office of Diane E. Hasek is proud to offer the following Adoption and Guardianship services:

  • Adoption

    In addition to family law services, Attorney Hasek is proud to help individuals and couples expand their families through adoption services. Diane works to minimize the stress and complications associated with adoptions. She takes a proactive approach to help guide you and your family through all aspects of the process. She will work to not only protect your child, but also your rights.

    Diane is proud to facilitate all forms of adoption including:

    • Domestic adoptions
    • Relative and grandparent adoptions
    • Stepparent adoptions
    • International adoptions
  • Guardian of a Minor

    For some individuals or families, pursuing guardianship is an alternative to adoption. This allows an adult to care for a minor and make decisions regarding their welfare if the parent is unable to do so for a period of time. Guardianship can be limited in duration/time or unlimited in duration/time. Unlike an adoption, where parental rights are terminated, a guardianship provides an opportunity for the parent to appoint an individual to make legal decisions for their child without losing their parental rights.

  • Guardian of an Adult

    Guardianship can also be necessary at another time in life, when an individual becomes incompetent because of dementia, Alzheimer’s, stroke or other medical event. Incompetence must be present as defined by an attending physician, within a reasonable degree of medical certainty. There are two types of guardianship in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; guardianship of the estate (financial decisions) and guardianship of the person (personal decisions). Attorney Hasek will guide you through this often difficult process to help you help your loved one.

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