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For over 30 years, Diane E. Hasek, Esquire, has provided legal services in Franklin, PA and surrounding communities. Since opening her law office in Seneca, PA in 1998, she has practiced in all areas of family law, as well as, wills, trusts, and estates. Her office moved to Franklin in 2015. She is proud to represent clients in a variety of matters including: divorce, custody, spousal and child support, relocation, guardianship, grandparents’ rights, adoption, protection from abuse and more.

Diane offers personal attention and is committed to providing quality service. She recognizes each client is different, with individual needs. Together with her supportive and considerate staff, Diane will work to address your unique set of needs and provide you with the personal attention you require. She and her team are dedicated to serving clients from around Venango County and beyond.

To receive more information about legal services, or to schedule a free, initial 30-minute in-office consultation, please contact Diane E. Hasek, Attorney at Law today at (814) 437-0825.

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